Rocket Chinese Premium- Become a Fluent Chinese Speaker

Rocket Chinese Premium- Become a Fluent Chinese Speaker

The ‘Rocket Chinese Premium’ package has detailed lessons on learning the Chinese language. The program has been created by Lin Ping and it can be very helpful to anyone who has an interest in learning about the Chinese culture or is going to be interacting with people from a Chinese community. The program is divided into 5 components.


Component 1:

31-lesson Interactive Audio Course


Rocket Chinese Premium Interactive Audio Course is made up of 31 tracks with an average over 25 minutes in length. These tracks give you all the information that you need to know in order to interact with Chinese speaking people. Not only do you get the audio tracks, you also get the transcripts of the conversations.


Component 2:

Rocket Chinese Premium Grammar & Culture Lessons


This part of the program includes 31 lessons, taking you on an adventure from a beginner to a fluent Chinese speaker. You get information on saying the appropriate things at the appropriate times and instructions on written Chinese, which is not as difficult as you might think.


You’ll also get clear instructions on how to interpret Chinese symbols.


Component 3:



MegaVocab is a world building game that has over 1000 words to help you build a solid Chinese vocabulary and 20 topics. The software is presented in Pinyin, which is the system used to represent the sounds of Mandarin Chinese. MegaVocab also comes in a version that allows you to play using the characters that make-up classical Chinese writing. The MegaVocab Creator lets you include extra words and picture of your own.


Component 4:


MegaAudio Software Learning Game


MegaAudio allows you to recognize over 1000 words used in the Chinese language. You will be able to understand the entire dialogue before long. You can also display the correct answers in Chinese characters.


Component 5:

Chinese Learner’s Forum and Rocket Languages Support


You can ask your questions through email or the Members Only Chinese Learner’s Forum with Rocket Chinese Premium. The questions will be answered by experts, fellow Chinese learners and native speakers.



‘The Rocket Chinese Premium Package’ is a comprehensive Chinese learning course that is designed to give you full understanding of the Chinese language. You can buy the package by downloading it instantly for $99.95 or get hardcopy 20-CD pack for $ 49.95. As far as the content is concerned, there is no difference between both versions. The difference is in (1) The method with which you will receive Rocket Chinese Premium, and (2) the audio quality of the course. With the Download Version, you will get instant access to the online Members Area, where you can download the complete package and if you order the Hardcopy Version, the course will be mailed to you in a 20-CD set within 10-15 working days. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in case you don’t find it the course useful.

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